Six Ideas – How To Decided Which Type Of Coffee Is Right For You

May 3, 2014 · Posted in Listings 

Don’t just keep buying the same brand or type of coffee just because it is what you have always bought. Each time you buy coffee, try a new blend. And if you enjoy different flavors, do not hesitate to buy more than one blend and keep your coffee beans or coffee grounds in your freezer so they stay fresh. Whenever possible, buy your coffee in the form of whole coffee beans. For a typical mass-produced brand sold in grocery stores, at least a few weeks have passed between grinding the beans and the package landing on store shelves. Often age is a problem with these products; they are also produced from lower quality beans. Make sure that you select top quality beans to make your coffee.

Reuse coffee grounds. Don’t throw them away. Avoid wasting them. Put them out back. Old coffee grounds are great composting material. Coffee grounds work wonders in gardens. Coffee grounds will help to protect your plants by repelling animals and insects. If you don’t like changing the beans you love but want to change your coffee’s flavor, try some different ingredients. For example, whether you add creamer or whole milk to your coffee can vary the sweetness. Try flavored milks or soy milk for an exotic flair. Syrups are a wonderful way to spice up that cup of joe.

If your morning coffee does not taste quite right, keep in mind that water that does not taste good will produce coffee that does not taste good. If you have bad-tasting tap water, think about buying a filter for your faucet. You could also use a pitcher with a built-in filter, or simply brew your coffee using bottled water.

Make your coffee even better with flavors and sweeteners. Brown sugar can add a different flavor to your coffee. Other flavors you can use include nutmeg, cinnamon, cocoa and vanilla. Almond milk, rice milk, and soy mild can also replace regular milk, cream, and non-dairy creamers.

There are lots of different coffee types to choose from. Some people like the full flavor that comes with dark roast, while others are partial to a milder, smoother flavor. Some people like flavored coffee, which comes in a variety of flavors from cinnamon to hazelnut. Most coffee drinkers like to enhance their coffee with flavored creamers, instead of flavored coffee.

Try adding flavored syrups to your coffee before milk or creamer. Syrup dissolves much faster in your coffee. Both the smell and flavor will improve if you add syrup while the coffee is still hot. Once the syrup has dissolved, add some milk, sugar or cream if you want.

Try running some water through your machine if you are using an older model coffee machine. You want to add the grounds first, and then pour the hot water into the machine. This techniques help you attain a hot, flavorful pot of coffee. Don’t use coffee beans that have been sprayed. Sprays that are utilized on coffee beans make them smell good but do not add much flavor. Plus, the oils that are included in the sprays can make cleaning your coffee machine and grinder more difficult. If you like flavor, stick with syrups. Freshly roasted coffee beans are used to prepare the best coffee. When buying whole beans, be sure to check the expiration and roasting dates. Typically, beans from a specialty coffee shop are fresher than those bought at a grocery store.

There are many wonderful single cup coffee makers on the market that are great for when there is only one coffee drinker in the house. They let you brew just one cup and many flavors are available. There are several coffee makers with many different features. Coffee is essential to how the drink will taste. Shop around a bit. Fresh, roasted beans are pretty easy to find. If you don’t live close to a good source, try looking online to find what you need. This can cost a bit extra, but not that much more than buying a cup from a coffee shop.

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